Warranty Claims

Complaint Procedure


Claim form for complaints 

(Fill in this form and send it back only if you want to make a complaint about goods at the legal time. The form should be printed, signed and scanned sent to the following e-mail address, where appropriate, be entered in the consignment with returned goods).


Consignee (seller):

(To be filled in for the e-shop name and surname / business name, address of the registered office and, where appropriate, fax number and e-mail address of the trader) 

Internet commerce: www.hoverstar.cz

Company: Water Freedom s.r.o.

Registered Office: Rakovecká 1358/13 a, 635 00 Brno 

ID/VAT: 08565562,

e-mail address: info@hoverstar.cz

Phone: +420 602 734 122


(To be completed by your customer) 



Name and Surname:

My address:

My phone and e-mail:



Exercise of the right of defective performance (complaints)

Dear Sir/Madam, 

on (*) I created an order in your store (*) (see below). However, the product purchased has the following defects (* there is a need to describe the defect in detail). I request that the claim be dealt with in the following way: (*) the method required to be dealt with must be described in detail; for example, "since it is a removable defect, I request that the product be corrected by no later than 30 calendar days. At the same time, I ask you to issue a written confirmation of the application of the complaint, indicating when I have applied what is content of the complaint, together with my right to repair / replacement, and then confirm the date and manner of processing of complaints, including confirmation of the correct and duration of the repair (in case of repair, not replacement).

  1. Date of Order (*)/Dated of order received (*)
  2. Order number:
  3. Cash for ordering and, where appropriate, for delivery, have been sent in a manner (*)
  4. and shall be returned in a way (in the event of a transfer to the account, please send the account number) (*)
  5. Consumer’s Name and Surname:
  6. Consumer’s address:
  7. E-mail:
  8. Phone:

(*) Delete where not applicable or complete the data. 


In (fill in place), Date (insert date) 





Consumer’s Name and Surname



List of Annexes:

  1. Invoice for ordered goods No. (*)




General guidance on the application of complaints 

As a consumer, you are required to prove the purchase of the goods by submitting a receipt or, where appropriate, in a sufficiently reliable manner. As a consumer, you cannot exercise the rights of the defects that you have caused or knew on your purchase. Likewise, in the case of defects for which we, as the seller and the consumer, agreed to reduce the price. We don't even answer for normal wear. Complaints shall be submitted at the latest within a 24-month period. The claim must be made without delay in order to avoid the extension of the defect and, consequently, to reject the complaint. A timely notice of a defect after appearing is free to ensure a smooth handling of complaints. Complaint is only done when we inform you about it. If the legal deadline expires, consider this to be a significant breach of the contract and you may withdraw from the purchase contract.